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Horsefly Films is Jen Miller and Sophie Dia Pegrum.  They joined their experience as filmmakers and photographers to their love for horses and formed a production company that has an equine focus.  Their mission is to shoot beautiful and compelling images of horses, bringing these mythical creatures the cinematic treatment they deserve.   They are writers, producers, editors and shoot film and photographs around the world.


For over seven years Horsefly Films has been successfully promoting horses and other businesses worldwide.  They have done extensive work for the historic Polish State Studs and produced many promotional films for clients with world-class Arabian horses, as well as training videos and national commercials.  Alongside work for private clients, they also produce documentary films which celebrate the unique history of mankind and the equine. WATCH THE HORSEFLY FILMS TRAILER HERE 


They produced the acclaimed film “Path to Glory”, which explores the unlikely triumphant saga of the illustrious horses that are a Polish National Treasure, winner of Best Documentary at the Equus Film Festival 2013. They also produced the award winning “Tarpan: Repainting an Ancient Picture which won Best Short Documentary at the Equus Film Festival in 2014.  Go to the RARE EQUINE TRUST WEBSITE



Horsefly Films has launched the Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust, the first organization of its kind in the world dedicated to the preservation of endangered rare equines around the world, specifically through the creation of a cinematic library.  This film library takes the form of their new documentary series and the first film of the series is “Of Gods & Kings: The Skyros Horse”, featuring the critically-endangered Skyrian Horse of Skyros Island in Greece.  They are currently in post production on two further films in the series - “Tarpan: Repainting an Ancient Picture” and “Talking to the Air: The Horses of the Last Forbidden Kingdom”.  Go to the RARE EQUINE TRUST WEBSITE


“It is debatable whether Sophie and Jen are horsewomen or filmmakers first.  They have so effortlessly bound the art of the latter with the beauty of the former that there are no clear lines of distinction.  Their films capture the magic of the Arabian horse like no other...”

Samantha Mattocks -- The Arabian Magazine

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