"The BEST promotional film about the breed I have ever seen.  Watch this whenever your heart is sad.  "O! Arabian"

Arlene Magid - Arabian Horse Consultant

It is debatable whether Sophie and Jen are horsewomen or filmmakers first.  They have so effortlessly bound the art of the latter with the beauty of the former that there are no clear lines of distinction.  Their films capture the magic of the Arabian horse like no other... "

Samantha Mattocks - The Arabian Magazine

"The movie PATH TO GLORY is a beautiful worldwide tribute to Polish history and traditions. I highly appreciate  your commitment to propagating the unique cultural phenomenon of the Polish Arabian Horse. Images depicting crucial moments in Poland's history incorporated into the film make the work ever more valuable. I wish you every success!" 

Radislav Sikorsky - Polish Foreign Minister

"I want you to know that this video just so inspires me and fills me with such joy and happiness--it literally brings tears to my eyes!    In a world that's sometimes spinning out-of-control with violence and hatred, seeing the joie de vivre expressed by these magnificent creations of God renews one's hope for mankind.  The Arabian Horse--the beautiful uniter!  You can be very proud of your work!"

Susan Trout