Horsefly Films  is Jen Miller and Sophie Dia Pegrum.  They joined their experience as filmmakers and photographers to create Horsefly Films, a full service production company on a cinematic mission. 


Alongside a variety of non-equine work, they also decided to specialize in a creating exquisite equine images, with a mission to capture beautiful and compelling film and photographs of horses, bringing these mythical creatures the cinematic treatment they deserve.  For over ten years they have  produced hundreds of acclaimed promotional films for clients with world-class horses,  as well as training videos and national commercials.


They film all over the world and  have done extensive work for the historic Polish State Studs, which gave rise to their acclaimed feature film "PATH TO GLORY: The Rise & Rise of the Polish Arabian Horse".  Alongside work for private clients, they are also producing award winning  documentary films for their Rare Equine Trust which celebrate the unique history of mankind and the equine. 

"Horsefly Films' feature PATH TO GLORY  is a direct reflection of the history of Poland itself,

an inspirational and incredibly moving tale of indomitable courage and ardent devotion."

- Scott Benjamin